Ah Ciliz/Chiral – “Origins” Split Album Review

The Noise Beneath The Snow

Ah Ciliz ! Chiral - Origins split album coverOrigins

Part of the effectiveness and fun of discovering split releases is the fact that the listener may be familiar with one artist but not the other, but then subsequently become a new fan of that other band.  Today’s offering was brought to my attention having been a huge fan of Chiral but knowing nothing of Ah Ciliz.

From Hypnotic Dirge: ”

Hypnotic Dirge and Throats Production presents the release an intense nature-themed atmospheric Black Metal split record entitled “Origins” between two great atmospheric bands – Ah Ciliz and Chiral. 
Ah Ciliz is an atmospheric Black Metal band founded by Elmer (Klär, Painful Depression) in 2008. Ah Ciliz returns with three excellent new songs for the “Origins” split.
Chiral is an Italian one-man band from the countryside near Piacenza, set up at the end of 2013. His compositions shine of a dim light dwelling through the branches, alternating solar…

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‘The Twilight Songs – Part I’, new acoustic EP out now!


Was pretty warm that day -though the light was a particular cold blue shade-, when he walked across the river bank, right up to the valley. The Sun was still, burning and high above his head. Il cielo increspato come il mare d‟autunno. Trees were not really adorning that particular spot, no shadow could ease him. Likewise the trail, though got uneasy, his will became even stronger for taming the crest of east. He also grew aware of what this voyage meant to him. The incandescent sphere, we used to call “Sun”, glimmered all over the place, even so, darkness and soreness was everything one could FEEL. And as the hours went by, “real” darkness begun to overcome the plains, grass faded to a rancid green-black shade and the horizon burned up. Il cielo rifletteva anche il più orgoglioso degli animi. Eventually he was walking the sundown and grand oaks were standing right beside of him … e come la luce si diffondeva, l‟ombra della quercia sembrava assecondare, silenziosamente, le voci del crepuscolo.

New Single: ‘The Gazer’s Throne’ out now!

Promo single track (exclusively) released on ‘Gazing Light Eternity‘ cassette version, by “Fólkvangr Records“.
Digital download over here!


A Redness behind the east crest
I Cherish the last rays of this mournful day
Night spirits are whispering truths
Lost chants about death and life.

I gaze this black eternity at my will
Inhale it to fulfil my lungs.
This night woodland is my home now,
I’ll enshrine it till the day I will breath no more.

“ …and so I gaze upon it all,
By my throne built from weakness.
I feel the soreness of my soul,
But I’ll stand there and wait ALONE.”

Chiral – “The Gazer’s Throne” Single Review

Nice words about the new single…

The Noise Beneath The Snow

a0160480201_16Italy’s Chiral is one of those bands that is impossible to categorize.  In fact, the “band” is but one incredibly talented man.

“The Gazer’s Throne” is the new single from Chiral.  exclusively released on the cassette version of Gazing Light Eternity on Folkvangr Records. However, the digital download version is also available now.

What we have here is predominantly layered acoustic guitar and whispery male vocal with minimal percussion.  The track tapers off toward the end in a barrage of noise.  One thing that I pointed out in the last release by Chiral that I reviewed is that when they combine notes, they do so in such a manner that the combination effectively creates unique tones of their own.  Much of Chiral’s previous work builds upon simplistic structures into these grandiose, masterfully mixed pieces.

“The Gazer’s Throne” is haunting, beautiful, melodic and mysterious all at the same time.  As with…

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More nice words …

The Deadman Review

Gold Logo.jpgChiral is an Italian one-man band, from the countryside near Piacenza, set up at the end of 2013. During Fall 2016, passing through 2 demos, 2 split albums, 1 EP and 2 full-lengths, Chiral released his new record, offering his new personal approach to black metal -in the Italian way-.

Fall of 2016 saw the release of Gazing Light Eternity, Chiral’s third long-awaited full-length album. Gazing Light Eternity is introduced as the natural consequence of Chiral’s previous work, Night Sky.

This new record consists of 4 massive tracks. Tracks which make your bone shiver. The record is polished work of art with tight production. The lyrical theme revolves around pain , death , love , solitude and nature . Music is dark & mystical with deep meaning. Track one has blistering guitar solo which is quite unusual for a post atmospheric record. It is a…

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Chiral – “Gazing Light Eternity” Album review

A new, stunning review for ‘Gazing Light Eternity’!

The Noise Beneath The Snow

a1859560947_10Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity    “Atmospheric Post Black Metal” – Italy  

Most black metal artists cannot do in 4 albums what Chiral is capable of in 4 tracks.

But then again, Chiral is an exception and much more than black metal. Furthermore, many artists unlike Chiral fear defying restrictive definitions.

Chiral is a “one man band Italian band from the countryside that started at the end of 2013.”(bandcamp). Gazing Light Eternity is the latest album.

Here is why Chiral is so brilliant and why Gazing Light Eternity is such a great piece of work. This one-man band can build upon simple, even occasionally repeated patterns with either keyboards or guitar creating an uplifting emotion until the end of a part or the end of the song. The only other artist I’ve known to do something like this successfully is Alcest….and even Alcest is more shoe-gaze in style.

Part I is…

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