Night Sky is Out Now!

Night Sky
Today is September 10th, which means that today Night Sky is out and available for listening, loving, purchasing or hating.
Anyway, all you got to do now, is follow one of these 3 options and get your fucking copy of this fucking record. But most important thing to me, whether you’re going to buy the record or not, is to hear your feedback. Even if you found the album horrible, I still would love to hear back from you. Thanks and enjoy!

1.FREE Digital album [regular edition]
because yes, you can get it also for free. You won’t have any bonus track or fancy graphics, and you should be pleased with this mp3@256kb format, but you can be still able to listen to the whole album in a decent quality without even spend a buck.
Is this what you want, great,CLICK HERE.

2.Full Digital Album
You want the better audio quality, maybe with some extra features? Maybe you also want to support this poor artist named Chiral? Well, this is definitely for you: Chiral’s Bandcamp.

3.Limited Edition Digifile Album
Oh yes, you’re one of those physical-album maniac, of course you are. So you can get your shiny copy of Night Sky right here.