What’s in the pipeline

I’m making this piece because the situation’s getting quite intricate here.You may have heard that I’m working with the bassist Matteo Salvestrini for a future album as well as I’m finishing another album. But maybe the albums I’m finishing are two. Maybe I’ll put out a couple of records in 2016…maybe even 3. That’s why the existence of this public statement. I’m going to explain better and tidily what’s coming next for Chiral.
(the followings are in chronological order)

1. The Very First Chiral’s EP
It’s going to be an all instrumental EP: half black metal and half acoustic folk. I started recording those tracks a lot of time ago but I never get them done properly.
The album will also feature a cover version of Woman is The Earth’s Sage Moon.
My idea is to make this EP available on my Bandcamp page and printing a very strictly limited edition CD.
Oh…and this EP is going to be entitled “SNOW//HERITAGE“.

2. Gazing Black Eternity
And this one is going to be the real sequel of Night Sky.
Hopefully it’ll be ready for mid 2016. More info about this album soon.

3. Collaboration with M.Salvestrini
And this is THE ALBUM. We’re working very hard on this, harder than I’ve ever done.
The songs are going to be very different from what you’ve heard so far from Chiral. More complex, more melodic and less atmospheric.
I’d say it’s more Opeth-inspired, but it won’t be fair. So for the moment I’d only ask you to wait and see.

Thanks for your support and patience for the new stuff to come.
Till soon