Snow/Heritage is on the way

CD 02 LR

it has been a while since I made any serious update here.
So here I am for a big one. In fact, the official release date for the EP “Snow//Heritage” has been set to March, 22nd.
Also the pre-order of the EP starts right now, right here.
As you can see from the pictures below it is housed in a lovely 6-panel digipack package, with additional arts and…well, it may contain bonus shit!
The point is that the album is limited to only 27 pcs, hand-numbered and signed on request. (so, don’t be shy if you’d like to have am inscription by me)
Pre-order price (only) is 9€ + s.h.!

Ok, I persuaded you to buy this crap, what you have to do now is follow this link ( and make sure one of the 27 copies is yours!
Till soon

CD 01 LR