Chiral – “Gazing Light Eternity” Album review

A new, stunning review for ‘Gazing Light Eternity’!

The Noise Beneath The Snow

a1859560947_10Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity    “Atmospheric Post Black Metal” – Italy  

Most black metal artists cannot do in 4 albums what Chiral is capable of in 4 tracks.

But then again, Chiral is an exception and much more than black metal. Furthermore, many artists unlike Chiral fear defying restrictive definitions.

Chiral is a “one man band Italian band from the countryside that started at the end of 2013.”(bandcamp). Gazing Light Eternity is the latest album.

Here is why Chiral is so brilliant and why Gazing Light Eternity is such a great piece of work. This one-man band can build upon simple, even occasionally repeated patterns with either keyboards or guitar creating an uplifting emotion until the end of a part or the end of the song. The only other artist I’ve known to do something like this successfully is Alcest….and even Alcest is more shoe-gaze in style.

Part I is…

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