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The Deadman Review

Gold Logo.jpgChiral is an Italian one-man band, from the countryside near Piacenza, set up at the end of 2013. During Fall 2016, passing through 2 demos, 2 split albums, 1 EP and 2 full-lengths, Chiral released his new record, offering his new personal approach to black metal -in the Italian way-.

Fall of 2016 saw the release of Gazing Light Eternity, Chiral’s third long-awaited full-length album. Gazing Light Eternity is introduced as the natural consequence of Chiral’s previous work, Night Sky.

This new record consists of 4 massive tracks. Tracks which make your bone shiver. The record is polished work of art with tight production. The lyrical theme revolves around pain , death , love , solitude and nature . Music is dark & mystical with deep meaning. Track one has blistering guitar solo which is quite unusual for a post atmospheric record. It is a…

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