Why We Do What We Do – Chiral

That time I’ve been (self)interviewed on Resounding Footsteps

Resounding Footsteps

All of my projects are one-man bands. Chiral, my main one, Il Vuoto, and ||| all involve just one person, me.

My name is Teo, and I’m from Northern Italy. I wouldn’t define myself as a strict kind metalhead. To be honest I don’t know if I would define myself a metalhead at all. While all the music I composed so far (for those 3 projects) could, and should be labeled as metal music I definitely come from another sonic background. Since I was a kid I used to listen to a lot of rock music, blues and fusion. Even if during the years my tastes expanded to other genres and styles, my heart firmly remained there. That being said, metal changed my (musical) life. That can’t be denied.

When I discovered Opeth music, through the amazing Deliverance album, I was struck by them. From the deep guttural growls…

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Well friends, here we go:
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Nigth Sky Special Deal

I need to make room for the forthcoming album ‘Gazing Light Eternity’, so I’m selling away the few leftovers of  NIGHT SKY for the stupid price of 3,49€. I’d say it’s almost a gift. 😉
Anyway, if you think you may like it you should visit my Bandcamp page: http://bit.ly/1O1GBcH
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GAZING LIGHT ETERNITY due out October 27th

Flier copia

‘Gazing Light Eternity’ due out October, 27th on all major digital stores and as a limited self-released Digipack (with additional arts by Andrea Effulge).

1. Part I (The Gazer) – 14:50
2. Part II (The Haze) – 6:21
3. Part III (The Crown) – 13:15
4. Part IV (The Hourglass) – 6:09

Info about pre-orders and new merch coming soon.


Summer Deal

I know summer does suck, so I’ll try to make it suck less.
From now till the end of July everything from my Bandcamp store can be discounted by a lovely 40%, just apply the code:
Also every digital record is now downloadable with the ‘name your price’ option, basically they’re all free of charge now!