New Single: ‘The Gazer’s Throne’ out now!

Promo single track (exclusively) released on ‘Gazing Light Eternity‘ cassette version, by “Fólkvangr Records“.
Digital download over here!


A Redness behind the east crest
I Cherish the last rays of this mournful day
Night spirits are whispering truths
Lost chants about death and life.

I gaze this black eternity at my will
Inhale it to fulfil my lungs.
This night woodland is my home now,
I’ll enshrine it till the day I will breath no more.

“ …and so I gaze upon it all,
By my throne built from weakness.
I feel the soreness of my soul,
But I’ll stand there and wait ALONE.”


Gazing Light Eternity out Now!


Everything just stays.
Everything just flows.
No one would care.
As no one has never known.

The New Album is Out Now!

Grab your copy here:
or through all the major digital stores.



Well friends, here we go:
Pre-order your copy now for a special price!
Limited Edition Digipack CD with additional arts by Andrea Effulge.
(including 1 limited ed. metal pin + 1 logo sticker -while stocks last-)
Grab your copy now at the following link:

Oh well, of course you can also pre order the digital version, but the physical one is so much better!


Nigth Sky Special Deal

I need to make room for the forthcoming album ‘Gazing Light Eternity’, so I’m selling away the few leftovers of  NIGHT SKY for the stupid price of 3,49€. I’d say it’s almost a gift. 😉
Anyway, if you think you may like it you should visit my Bandcamp page:
or simply drop me a message to:
Oh…this special deal is valid through this weekend only! Hurry up!

GAZING LIGHT ETERNITY due out October 27th

Flier copia

‘Gazing Light Eternity’ due out October, 27th on all major digital stores and as a limited self-released Digipack (with additional arts by Andrea Effulge).

1. Part I (The Gazer) – 14:50
2. Part II (The Haze) – 6:21
3. Part III (The Crown) – 13:15
4. Part IV (The Hourglass) – 6:09

Info about pre-orders and new merch coming soon.


Whiteness (The Snow & The Borrowed Light) Song Preview!

And here’s the new song unleashed…
Whiteness (The Snow & The Borrowed Light)” will be included in the forthcoming EP “Snow // Heritage” out in spring.
But finally here’s the track. And please let me know whether you like it or not (it’s very important to me).

Winter Eternal is Back

winter Eternal 2

I’m so pleased to announce that, the Italian based label, This Winter Will Last Forever has just released the re-issuing of Chiral’s 2014 demo Winter Eternal.
This special edition re-issue features the original 3 tracks fully re-mixed and re-mastered. A completely new artwork. And two previously unreleased bonus tracks.
The “new” tracklist is as follow:
1. Sulfur
2. Eternal Winter Day
3. When Prayers Will Have Nothing Left to Say
/ Bonus Tracks /
4. The Bleak Forest & The Crimson Blood (demo 2013)
5. Sun (demo 2013)

winter Eternal 3For the ones of you who missed the first edition (or even if you want to collect this new one too) Winter Eternal is back and available via Chiral’s Webstore or Chiral’s Bandcamp.
Also I decided to make available a special combo pack including limited editions CDs of both Winter Eternal and Abisso. Plus 2 stickers and a Gold Logo patch. Available right here at the reduced price of 13€ + s.h.winter Eternal + Abisso

That’s it for the moment. Hope you’re going to enjoy this brand new edition of my debut demo.
Till the next time.

Chiral Shirts Coming Soon

Hello folks,
today I have an important news for you, in fact the plan of making Chiral’s Shirt is becoming real.
I decided to use SpreadShirt for the printing and distribution of shirts and (hopefully) other merch items, hence Chiral’s Spreadshirt shop will be opening soon.
For the moment you can take a look at these two test presses which will be online and available for purchase soon.
Oh, and let me know what do you think about them? You like ’em?

 t-shirt 01t-shirt 02

Night Sky: all the reviews (so far)

Night Sky has been out for 2 months so far and since then I’ve only received cool reviews. Some of them are great actually, others are unbelievable, few of them aren’t so good but I’m so proud of the appreciation of all the reviewers that decided to spend time on my record. So, here’s a list of all the review I got so far.
Many thanks to all those guys who took some time and wrote these up!

1. Metal Observer (8.5/10)
2. The Killchain Blog
3. Black Phoenix Rising (9.5/10)
4. Wonderbox Metal
5. In Your Eyes Ezine (8.3/10)
6. MetalWave (83/100)
7. Occult Black Metal Zine (8/10)
8. Rotting Hill (7/10)
9. Stu’s Reviews (10/10)
10. Headbanger Reviews
11. Metalsucks
12. Taste of Khaos (5/5)
13. The Pit of The Damned (75/100)
14. Crossfire Metal (7/10)
15. Zero Signal
16. Hypnos Webzine
17. (6/10)
18. (7.5/10)
19. Fetid Dead (7.5/10)
20. Brave Words (6.5/10)
21. Epic Black Metal

…and that’s it (so far)!