Nigth Sky Special Deal

I need to make room for the forthcoming album ‘Gazing Light Eternity’, so I’m selling away the few leftovers of  NIGHT SKY for the stupid price of 3,49€. I’d say it’s almost a gift. 😉
Anyway, if you think you may like it you should visit my Bandcamp page:
or simply drop me a message to:
Oh…this special deal is valid through this weekend only! Hurry up!


NIGHT SKY back in stock

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Finally Night Sky is available again in physical format.
This is the official re-issue by Pest Productions,
Limited edition of 500 pcs. housed in Digipack. It features new graphics.
Get your copy at Chiral’s Webstore or Bandcamp.

Night Sky: all the reviews (so far)

Night Sky has been out for 2 months so far and since then I’ve only received cool reviews. Some of them are great actually, others are unbelievable, few of them aren’t so good but I’m so proud of the appreciation of all the reviewers that decided to spend time on my record. So, here’s a list of all the review I got so far.
Many thanks to all those guys who took some time and wrote these up!

1. Metal Observer (8.5/10)
2. The Killchain Blog
3. Black Phoenix Rising (9.5/10)
4. Wonderbox Metal
5. In Your Eyes Ezine (8.3/10)
6. MetalWave (83/100)
7. Occult Black Metal Zine (8/10)
8. Rotting Hill (7/10)
9. Stu’s Reviews (10/10)
10. Headbanger Reviews
11. Metalsucks
12. Taste of Khaos (5/5)
13. The Pit of The Damned (75/100)
14. Crossfire Metal (7/10)
15. Zero Signal
16. Hypnos Webzine
17. (6/10)
18. (7.5/10)
19. Fetid Dead (7.5/10)
20. Brave Words (6.5/10)
21. Epic Black Metal

…and that’s it (so far)!

Chiral Interview with Hypnos Webzine

I’m really proud to share with you folks this great chat I had with Hypnos Webzine.
It has been surely the best interview I received so far, and I’m only sorry because it’s in Italian, so not everyone will be able to read it.
We talked in deep about Night Sky (and I revealed some details you won’t find anywhere else), how I write lyrics and my perspective about music…and I also disclosed some tips about the upcoming works.
So, again thanks to the guys of Hypnos and enjoy the reading. Buona lettura!

(click on the picture to go to the interview)
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Night Sky Back in Stock


The 2nd press of NIGHT SKY is arrived at the Chiral HQ. So if you want to get your hands on one of these “beauties” you better hurry up before it is too late!
Check it out here.